Cleaning carpeted stairs is a back-breaking, arm torqueing, wrist-wrenching job that often produces less than desirable results.

Weighing only 19lbs., the StairPro operates like a small rotary floor machine. The two foot long ergonomically designed handle allows the operator to stand in a comfortable upright position while the StairPro power cleans in an easy side to side self propelled motion.

Cut Your Stair Cleaning Time in Half !
The StairPro utilizes the patented process of carpet cleaning called Rotary Jet Extraction.

The 7" wide stainless steel cleaning head has 3 spray jets and 3 vacuum extraction slots. Rotating at 250 R.P.M. the cleaning head produces 750 extraction cleaning passes per minute.

Hooked up to a portable extractor or truck mount, the StairPro provides the mechanical agitation and rotary flushing action to clean and restore carpeted stairs better, faster, and easier than ever before possible.

The StairPro can also be used to clean small traffic areas or other problem spots.

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