1. Dual Wand Cleaning Speed with One Man Operation.

The new Rotovac Wide Track is a 24 inch wide Rotary Extraction tool for high speed cleaning of large areas. Dual rotary jet extraction cleaning heads utilize six vacuum slots and six spray jets to produce thorough, restorative cleaning. The cleaning heads spin at an adjustable 0 - 200 r.p.m. The Wide Track operates like a lawn mower and cleans equally in both directions up and back. Designed for use with any truck mount or dual 3 stage vacuum portables, the Wide Track delivers all the power of your extractor while requiring only one man to operate. The ergonomic dual handle design in combination with the high torque drive motors makes the Wide Track extremely easy to push as it power cleans through heavily soiled areas with ease. The high speed cleaning power of the Wide Track can cut labor costs by up to 50%.

Tired Carpet Cleaner2. Power Extraction Cleaning with Ease

The Rotovac WideTrack takes the backbreaking "wand fatigue" labor out of carpet cleaning. Dual high torque motors along with a comfortable ergonomically designed dual grip handle team up to make the WideTrack extremely easy to operate and maneuver.

3. Variable Head Speed Control

The WideTrack is equipped with a variable head speed control dial which allows the operator to customize the head speed from 50 r.p.m. up to 250 r.p.m. This feature allows the WideTrack to adapt to a wide variety of carpet from direct commercial glue downs to plush installed over pad residential carpeting. Glue down carpet may require a slower head speed for smooth operation and maximum recovery while installed over pad plush carpeting may need a faster head speed for best results.

The Rotovac works with any truck mount or portable carpet cleaning machine The Rotovac is airflow calibrated and high pressure plumbed to operate with everything from small carpet cleaning extractors to the largest, most powerful truck mount systems.

Here's how it works:

The Rotovac employs a patented process of Rotary Jet Extraction cleaning. Each stainless steel cleaning head has three spray jets followed by three vacuum slots. Dual high torque gear motors power the heads in a counter-rotating motion at 250 RPM to produce 1500 rotary cleaning passed per minute.

Bottom view of the Rotovac

The patented dome-shaped design of the cleaning heads completely encapsulates the spray jets and vacuum slots to create a "steam chamber" effect in the cleaning zone with minimal heat loss. This powerful combination of contained heat, agitation and multiple flushing action creates cleaning dynamics that cannot be equaled with a manual wand.